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Healing the wounds of the tomb

Author: admin/05 December 2014/Categories: Diario di scavo

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One of our main objectives is that intervention by the Archaeological Mission does not lead to a further deterioration of the monument, so a part of our team deals with conservation and restoration.

During the First Campaign Elena prepared a report on the conditions of the tomb of Min, with a list of problematic areas  and possible strategies for future intervention.

During this second second season we brought a larger team of restorers formed by Alaa, Elena, Ruth and Maria.

Maria and Ruth preparing damage maps

Restorers working on the stability of the tomb

The work of these specialists is slow and each step is deliberated together. Any error can be harmful to the monument. Before each procedure or test, the pros and cons are discussed and the appropriate methodology decided.

One of the first tasks is to localize all damaged areas and catalog them. The Egyptologists and archaeologists orientate the restorers explaining the history of the monument. The cooperation between specialists is fundamental.

Nicky explains to Maria and Ruth, our restorers, what these damaged scenes represent

The safety of the monument and of the people working there is a priority, so that in some areas of the tomb we had to take some safety measures.

Alaa and Hassan place a support for the most fragile parts of the pillars

Our restorer Alaa consolidating a wall

The restorers go about their work like doctors treating an ill patient. During the coming seasons, we will continue this work of 'curing' the tombs within out consession.


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