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Arrival of a special member

Author: admin/06 November 2014/Categories: Diario di scavo

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In order for MIN PROJECT to reach its goals, it is essential to work with a good team. Our team has room for several professionals: archaeologists, Egyptologists, architects, anthropologists, photographers, artists, restorers... Each of these will join the mission at different times, depending on the work schedule. For the duration of the mission, this diary will present the ongoing work of our team members.

Panel located on the door of the tomb of Min

Today, the mission has been enriched by a member particularly dear to all of us, the Egyptologist Robert Demarée, hieratic specialist at the University of Leiden. His arrival was a special moment for the team, because the Egyptologists of MIN PROJECT hold the work and professionalism of this scholar in high esteem.

Dr. Demarée arrived on his birthday, so we organized a special breakfast in our tent to celebrate it, giving him an Indiana Jones-style hat. Of course he could not miss the official T-Shirt of the Mission, which "certifies" his joining the team.

Professor Demaree share breakfast with members of the Mission

His experience and expertise will help us to understand many aspects of the tomb. He immediately began his work checking the inscriptions on the walls and analyzing the old manuscripts, whose study will be completed during this season.

Irene with his professor, Dr. Demarée, analizing an ostrakon

Professor Demarée analyzes the inscriptions on the walls

The day ended with good news: the birth of the son of Ali, one of our workers. All the members of the mission sincerely wish the best to him and his family, which for the occasion has sent us a box of chocolates. Ali Mabruk!


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