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Opening the tomb

Author: admin/02 November 2014/Categories: Diario di scavo

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We started our second season with great energy and enthusiasm. After several days in Cairo finishing the documentation and waiting for permission, we are finally back "home" in the city of Luxor, about 800 kilometers south of Cairo.

An archaeological mission carries behind it many people, noise, screams and laughs... which from time to time could "disturb" that eternal silence in which the tomb owner was submerged since his body was placed in the house of eternity. Perhaps Min was also anxious for us to come back and be heard...

Opening the tomb

After breaking the seal that closed the iron door and removing the pile of stones that protected the entrance, we entered.

One of the first thing we need to do is to prepare the space in which we will move for our various activities. The workers who work for the mission clean up the courtyard and the entrance to the tomb, where during all the months we were not present, wind has brought all sorts of objects within the area of our concession.

Once we have cleaned the courtyard, we raise the panel with the name of the mission.

The new panel of the mission

Placing the panel in the courtyard of the tomb of Min

The tent was placed high above the courtyard, and it is here that the team will work and where we meet for tea and breakfast.

It remained only to settle inside the tomb but ... surprise ... a cry raised at the entrance. A scorpion was waiting for us!

Scorpion found at the entrance of the tomb

We brought light to the darkness...

The electrician fixing the cables inside the tomb

And we are ready to start... Elhamdulilla!

We welcome all people who follow us and we hope that you enjoy following our adventure!


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