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Last day

Last day

Author: Mila e Irene/26 January 2014/Categories: Diario di scavo

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Our first excavation campaign is drawing to an end and today we are making the due preparations to close the tombs until the next season. This makes us feel a bit melancholy. On the other hand, the fact that everything ran smoothly and excellent results were achieved by the whole team definitely cheers us up and gives us a sense of rewarding.

We spent the first part of the morning taking photos of the “traces” left by the people that visited the tomb at various times in the past. In particular, we took pictures of the spots where the oil lamps were placed to make light in the darkness of the tomb. These spots are usually located in small cavities on the walls and are easily recognizable because they look quite sooty. We found newspaper fragments in various languages, too. Most probably, as the excavation progresses in the future, more of such “evidence” will come out, considering that the tomb was inhabited in antiquity, as Champollion assumed.

Then we met to discuss a few points concerning the next campaign, and plan the work.  

With the Egyptian team: Hekmat, Heba, and Emad.

Today’s breakfast was really special: we shared a gigantic cake.

We are just about to seal the tomb, and here comes the Gafir, in charge for the closing operations!

Signing with Inspector Sayed.

We spent the last few minutes taking photos of the team. Look at some of them!

With the Gafir (keepers), in charge of the area surveillance.

With our electrician and his son Hassan Islam

We wish to warmly thank our sponsors for their help and support, particularly Marcello Garbagnati (Weblight), who worked behind the scenes in order to make this journal possible.

We also wish to express our gratitude to all the members of the Luxor Antiquities Service for their most valuable assistance throughout all the phases of the campaign. It was thanks to their support that everything ran smoothly… mafish mushkela! (= no problems!)     

Carrying the tent into the tomb until the next season.

Finally, we thank all the people who have always supported and encouraged us, believing in our project, and those who followed us online. We’ll be back next October, inshallah!    


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