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The manuscripts

The manuscripts

Author: Mila e Irene/23 January 2014/Categories: Diario di scavo

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One of our preliminary goals when we started the study of Min's tomb and tomb 327 was to find out to what extent the tombs were already known and documented. Therefore we had to carefully investigate about who had visited them in the past. The search for materials that could allow a better understanding of the tombs put us in contact with several institutions (including the Griffith Institute, Oxford University) that allowed us to establish that Champollion, Davies, Gardiner and Golenishchev had all entered the tomb at various times.

The manuscripts we had the opportunity to study contained notes (descriptions) and drawings that complemented the photographs taken by Schott in the years 1920 to 1940 (previously unpublished). The comparative study of these materials with our reproductions from the walls helped us reconstruct the texts and the scenes now barely visible.

Another source of information that proved very useful was the anthology of hieroglyphic texts by Sethe, who visited the tomb in the early twentieth century. This scholar, in fact, reproduced part of the inscriptions of tomb 109.

Thus, if on the one hand this research work allowed us to establish that some of the inscriptions and scenes that were reproduced by the first visitors were already damaged at their times, on the other hand it greatly helped us reconstruct certain parts which have faded away in the time elapsed.


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