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Studying the maps

Studying the maps

Author: Mila e Irene/19 January 2014/Categories: Diario di scavo

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The first existing map of tomb TT109 is contained in an article published by Virey (1887). It is not accurate, most likely due to the great amount of debris that covered part of the structure. On that map the central niche, the east chapel and the access to tomb 327 located on the east wall of the transversal hall are all missing.

The manuscripts by Gardiner and Davies contain the maps of the two tombs, but they are quite sketchy, as well. In the "Porter and Moss” topographical bibliography, the map of Min's tomb still shows gaps and errors, particularly in the location of the shafts and the access to other rooms. The map of  TT 109 is simplified and the connection between tomb 109 and 327 is not mentioned. The scenes on the walls are described, but only partially.

The work of F. Kampp about the Theban Necropolis seems the closest to the architectural reality of both tombs. A number (-327-) is assigned to the tomb that opens on the east wall of the transversal hall of the tomb of Min. While this publication is certainly a step forward from the "Porter and Moss " in many aspects, on the other hand the maps of both tombs and their location in the Qurna area do  not correspond exactly to reality. For this reason we have focused our interest on the topographical study .


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