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The visit of Dr Abd el-Hakim Carrar

The visit of Dr Abd el-Hakim Carrar

Author: Mila e Irene/15 January 2014/Categories: Diario di scavo

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Today we welcomed the visit of archaeologist Dr. Abd el-Hakim Carrar, co-director of this Mission,  who carefully inspected  the two interconnected tombs , TT109 and 327, the latter having its access on the east wall of the transversal hall of the former. 

We all had the opportunity to discuss different aspects of the project with him and listen to his opinions and suggestions about the future work to be done. Our main focus, however, was the structure of the two tombs. We analyzed together several maps of tomb TT109 that had been drafted over time, pointing out various mistakes and inaccuracies. The complexity of both tombs leads to several hypotheses about the time of their construction. 


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