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See you soon!

See you soon!

Author: Mila e Irene/21 December 2013/Categories: Diario di scavo

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Today was the last day of work before the Christmas holidays. Having made the wooden ladder more secure, our plan now was to go down the second shaft. Mila climbed down first, followed by Mostafa with his camera, and our rais Hassan, who was supposed to make light for the photos while accompanying us. 

Three were the accessible rooms to be explored, two of which located on each side approximately 3 metres up from the bottom.

The two rooms are huge but, sad to say, empty, except for a few piles of stones.

In the third accessible room hardly anything is visible because it is in the same conditions as the main shaft, i.e. a heap of wall fragments almost reaching the ceiling, with jumbled pieces of mummies and funerary objects. There is also a fourth room facing the third, but its access is completely blocked.

Our adventure today ended in a quite familiar way... an energy blackout in the area left us in total darkness... what could we do? This time we were not caught unaware. We switched on the emergency torches we always bring with us and came out safely with maximum care.

Around noon we started removing the tent, the panel and all the equipment, in order to proceed with the official closure of the tomb. 

The Gafir was in charge of the closing procedure, by a special seal bearing the name of our inspector, under Sayed's supervision.

To increase security, later on the access was further blocked by a wall of stones until the next opening on January 9, 2014, inshallah!


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