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More and more down...

More and more down...

Author: Mila e Irene/18 December 2013/Categories: Diario di scavo

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If on December 15th it was impossible for us to go down to the second level of the main shaft of tomb 327, today we did make it, thanks to a rope ladder that our Rais Hassan skilfully built. Going down 5 metres was not easy at all, because this kind of ladder is definitely not as stable as a wooden or aluminum one. Irene and Ali managed to reach the underground chamber with the help of Rais, who was standing at the bottom of the shaft, holding the ladder fast and lighting up their descent.

The chamber was full of debris mostly from the collapsed walls, with parts of mummified bodies, fragments of wooden coffins and parts of funerary objects. And yet, one the finds that was most revealing was an empty can of tuna that had clearly been used as a lamp oil, thus evidencing an "unfriendly visit " by tomb robbers in recent times.

We did not enter the room to avoid trampling the debris and altering the scene prior to our preliminary study.

The morning ended with copying down and translating the inscriptions on the walls of TT109.


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