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Visit and departure

Visit and departure

Author: Mila e Irene/16 December 2013/Categories: Diario di scavo

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Today Dr. Mohammed Abd el Aziz visited us as he was interested in the work done since the beginning of the mission. We discussed our views on the architectural structure of both tombs, their dating, and we explained the course of action for the next season.

Today is the last day for our restorer Elena Mora. Before leaving, she wrote this diary concerning her impression of the project and in particular on the conservation and restoration:

The launch of the project in the tomb of Min could not have started in a better way. Entering the tomb has clarified to us the problems, but also the hopes and desires of the work of studying and restoring it. The tomb contains reliefs and paintings of high quality: there are scenes from daily life in which Min is pictured with his family and with the little prince Amenhotep II during the period when he was his tutor. All reveal great craftsmanship and high quality.

From the point of view of conservation and restoration, we are faced with different states of deterioration of the structure of the tomb and its decoration. The restoration team is currently completing the preliminary study and "inshallah" will soon begin the meticulous work of bringing the walls of the tomb to their former glory. To stabilize the monument all the necessary conservation and restoration work will be carried out. 


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