Excavation Diary



Author: Mila e Irene/15 December 2013/Categories: Diario di scavo

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This morning we made all preparations to go down the second shaft. Hassan, our Rais, had ingeniously built overnight a rope and an iron ladder for the depth of 5 meters.

But this time we had trouble with the light cable that we carry along while venturing down dark shafts. Brand new as it was, it suddenly left us high and dry. The light went off and we found ourselves groping in the darkness! It took us some time and effort to figure out what had caused the problem. As soon as we had fixed the damaged section of the cable, guess what?, power was cut off in the whole Gurna area! Darkness had definitely prevailed. We decided to give up and call it a day. As the Spanish saying goes: "mi gozo en un pozo".

To brighten up the day, the new panel we had ordered to be displayed outside the door finally arrived! Actually, it was inspector Sayed's wise idea to get a more comprehensive panel with the name of the deceased and the dynasty he belonged to, instead of the previous one, which only showed the number of the tomb.  


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