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Down the shaft

Down the shaft

Author: Mila e Irene/14 December 2013/Categories: Diario di scavo

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This morning we went down one of the two shafts located inside tomb 327. It is about 8 metres deep. It was a losing battle to find a strong and safe ladder of such length. At the end, we had to build an ad hoc one, by fitting together three small ladders, with the crucial help of Ali, Hassan and Bari who skilfully managed to make the joints solid and secure.

 And down we went, after duly taking all the required security measures under the scrupulous supervision of Sayed, our inspector. 

The descent was fascinating! Before reaching the bottom of the shaft, we found a small room: the only thing left in there was a stony bed, somehow reminiscent of burials in catacombs. At the bottom of the shaft we found a small cave, an unfinished room and, much to our surprise, another shaft. The depth of this latter one is lower, about 5 metres, yet we could not venture down because we lacked the appropriate tools. So we left it to the days to come ;)


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