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Min resurrected

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Today we want to tell you about our work with the wall scenes. Part of the decoration of the walls is lost for various reasons, so to recover it, we need to perform various studies in which different specialists are involved.

First, the Egyptologists perform an analysis of the scene in detail to see which themes are represented. Once the scene is identified, in an attempt to rebuild it, Paolo take high resolution photos to be able to redraw the scene with the computer.

Paolo photographs the scene of the young prince on the lap of Min

Nicky "rescues" the scene redrawing it in detail

Subsequently we conduct a research in which our goal is to find similar scenes in other tombs to carry out its reconstruction, i.e. to complete part of what is missing from the scene. This work took several days until the Egyptologists could provide the archaeological illustrator with other similar images.

Raffaella Carrera, archaeological illustrator, reconstructing the scene with images the Egyptologists gave her

Here we show part of the result:

The final work was satisfactory to everyone. The future Amenhotep II and his tutor Min again have a face after so many centuries...

We can not avoid telling you who visited us today: Dieter Eigner, engineer and archaeologist, specialist in the architecture of Late Period tombs in the Theban Necropolis. We showed him a map of part of the tomb -327- and asked his opinion about the dating.

Visit of Dieter Eigner

His knowledge has been fundamental to corroborate our hypothesis that we will later discuss...


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