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The study of the walls of the tomb of Min continues this year. We have other manuscripts that are allowing us to recover parts of the tomb (scenes and texts) that have been lost. We do find errors in these old copies made by travellers and scholars who visited the tomb from the eighteenth to the early twentieth century. We have to keep in mind that ignorance about what one was watching and poor visibility of the walls could have led travellers to wrong interpretations.

Drawing representing a 19th century visitor copying a monument. A lot of information, now lost, has survived thanks to the notes collected by these curious travellers

The information that helps us most in the study of the walls comes from the manuscript of Davies. The Egyptologists Nina (1881-1965) and Norman de Garis Davies (1865-1941) illustrated many Egyptian monuments during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Their house is located very close to the tomb of Min.

Location of Davies’ house just above the tomb Min

Example of a manuscript in which Davies names some characteristics of the decoration of the tomb of Min

Dr. Demarée in the last few days has read the manuscript carefully and, studying the texts in situ, could solve some gaps and the doubts raised about the texts. He also devoted his time to study a solar text at the entrance of the tomb. His participation in the project was an honour for the entire team.

Irene while reading the texts of the wall with Dr. Demarée

Mila and Irene verifying with Dr. Demarée the possible relocation of a block

We also received visits by Director of the Hungarian Mission, Dr. Tamás Bács, and Co-director of the Belgian mission, Dimitri Laboury. Both have shown interest in the work we are doing and we took opportunity to exchange opinions about the tomb. We sincerely thank them for their visit.

Dr. Tamás Bács and the members of his team listening to an explanation by Raffaella Carrera about the drawings she is making

Irene Morfini shows the plan of the tomb to Dr. Laboury


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