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A new tomb!

A new tomb!

Author: Mila e Irene/04 March 2014/Categories: Diario di scavo

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Today is a day we will definitely never forget.  The Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, delightfully announced that a new tomb was discovered in Luxor by our Spanish-Italian mission, while working in the tombs of Min and Kampp -327-.

The tomb dates back to the 18th Dynasty and belongs to May, who is portrayed in several scenes with his wife Neferet.

Also thanks to the discovery of a funerary cone, the numerous titles of the deceased could be positively established, among which “overseer of all horses of the king”, “overseer of the cattle”, “overseer of the fields”, and “mayor”.

Funerary banquet scenes, offering scenes, typical hunting and fishing scenes in the marshlands are portrayed on the tomb walls. Although in a poor state of preservation, they still retain some original colours. We are fully confident that more scenes will be visible once the tomb will be excavated.

Have a look at the photos documenting the discovery, and mabrouk (congratulations) to the whole team!

Mila Alvarez Sosa and Irene Morfini

(Photo of the day of the discovery)


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